Wanda Kehlenbeck Tyner - Glass Artist




In search of unique Mother’s Day gifts, I was most impressed how Wanda listened to me as I described my mother-in-law and my stepmom.  Both amazing women, but very different.  My mother-in-law lives in Oregon on the coast.  I was looking for something that would reflect the ocean.  My stepmom had told me she was transitioning from neutral colors to silver and gray.  I couldn’t believe it when Wanda provided me several unique pieces to choose from that fit my requirements and met the personality of each of these influential women in my life.

From:  CK in Kansas City, MO


Like many, I had lost a very dear pet of 15-years.  I had no idea what Wanda was doing, but when she presented me with the glass plate of my beloved pet, Frankie, I cried.  She not only captured him perfectly from the photo, she captured his essence.  Now he not only resides in my heart, but I have a beautiful reminder of him on my mantle.  Wanda is truly an outstanding artist.

From:  CJ in Parkville, MO