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Creative Adventures

Creative Adventures

Wanda K. Tyner Musings

I plan to share my creative adventures with you through this blog.  I now consider myself a Fused glass artist and a pursuer of live adventures.  In July 2015, I “retired young” from a rewarding, stressful and all consuming IT executive career.  I was determined to “refire and rewire” and enjoy my next life adventures.

Life is full of adventures and the more that are in nature, the better!  I have many interests including kayaking, hiking, playing the piano, appreciating/consuming wine, traveling, boating, reading, learning and spending time with friends and family.

My newest passion is creating delightful art and useful things with fused glass. At the top of my list after corporate life was to learn how the glass art in our home was made.   I expected to take a class to understand and move on to the next learning opportunity.    To my surprise, I became very fascinated with kiln-formed fused glass and continued to take more and more classes, make gifts and fill our home with new art.   During my IT career, I discovered that many of my co-workers were creative beyond the creativity of designing and building software applications – they did woodworking, painting, signing, paying musical instruments, sewing, crocheting and more.    Guess what, I discovered that I am creative too!   Math and science geeks can also be creative, artistic geeks!

My artistic focus is fused glass.    In future blog posts I will share with you my creative journey, challenges, learnings and more.   Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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