Wanda Kehlenbeck Tyner - Glass Artist



Wanda K. Tyner, Glass Artist

 My art reflects my adventurous spirit and passion for exploring and storytelling.  I enjoy the focus and precision it takes to design, combine colors, textures, shapes and techniques to create kiln-formed glass art that can be bright, bold, subtle, or textured.

I am fascinated with the scientific properties of glass and the endless possibilities through kiln-forming.    I incorporate the design principles of balance, focus and harmony while creating unique fused glass artwork and functional food-safe pieces.

I love featuring the vibrant colors from the world in which we live into my art.  My unique designs are inspired as I cut glass into geometric and abstract shapes juxtaposing wild, chaotic design elements with serene backgrounds and symmetry creating pattern, movement and form.

Every piece of my artwork has a story.  There are many stories including representing nature or a specific subject, a client’s vision, decorative function, exploration of combining colors and patterns, or my own whimsy.